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May 7, 2020
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Bikers line up at girl’s lemonade stand after mom helps save them during crash

When a nurse shared a picture of her daughter’s lemonade stand on Facebook, she didn’t expect that 30 bikers would come revving up on their block to drop by.It all began in September of last year when Daryn Sturch andher daughter, Bryanne, came across a serious accident involving multiple motorcycles on State Road 19 near Denver, Indiana. “I’m a nurse and saw several motorcycles were involved,” Daryn said. “I told my daughter I need to help andran up to assist.”She pulled up and saw the horrifying scene. It looked likeone of them had lost control and their motorbikes got tangled. She parked hercar a bit far from it so Bryanne wouldn’t see, then she ran towards the injured bikers and saw how severely wounded they were.

As a nurse, Daryn was accustomed to taking care of people, so she comforted the five bikers – three men and two women – who were involved inthe accident until paramedics arrived. Some of them needed to be airlifted and fortunately, all of them survived.

When the bikers recovered, they reached out to her and thanked her for what she did.That’s when Daryn learned that they were affiliated with a group called Milwaukee Iron.“I just got a flood of messages from them, thanking me,” she recalled. Daryn and the bikers kept in touch through Facebook.

Fast forward to one year after the incident, she shared a photoof Bryanne’s lemonade stand outside their home.She wrote: “Lemonade stand currently open in Chili for interested parties…”One of the bikers expressed interest in dropping by, but little didshe know that 30 of them would be coming to visit! It was the their way ofthanking her personally for what she had done for their people the previousyear.“I had no idea how many there would be and they were so generous,” shesaid. “She was charging $1, and I bet every one of them gave a $5 or $10 or$20. [Bryanne] was as happy as she could be.”Some of those who came were thesame people she assisted a year ago, including the one she’s hugging in thephoto below. She remembered that this biker was so badly injured that she wasafraid he won’t survive.

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