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June 1, 2020
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Missouri boys save 5-year-old girl fromdrowning in creek


Kinsley Stuart, 5, was playing in Hubble Creek on May 17, in an area of the creek popular with young children. She was near a bridge that has a drainage culvert beneath it. An abundance of recent rainfall had filled the creek past its normal level, creating a suction that dragged Stuart into the culvert.

A nearby group of boys had noticed the girl seemed to be missing when AidenKyle, 11, saw her hand grabbing the top of the bridge and dove down to grab hold of her. His friend Isaiah Randol saw that Kyle was being dragged down aswell, so he and two other boys joined in the rescue effort.

The boys all pulled until Stuart was free. She remained unharmed.

"We do want to say thank you to the boys, from Kenny's," Casey Stuart, the girl's mother said. "We own Kenny's Flipping Burgers. And we want to let you boys know that you guys can eat with us forever, for free ... There is no amount of money that can ever be put on what you did."

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