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January 5, 2022
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Mediterranean Diet Named Best Diet For 2022

For the fifth year in arow, the Mediterranean diet was first across the finish line in the annual racefor best diet, according to ratingsannounced
 Coming in a close second, in a tie: The DASH diet, whichstands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension and emphasizes reducing saltintake; and the flexitarian diet, which encourages being avegetarian most of the time -- but is flexible enough to allow a burger once ina while.All three of these diets reduce or eliminate processed foods, andstress packing your plate with fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, wholegrains, nuts and seeds.A panel of 27 experts examined 40 diets and ranked themon several categories: How easy is the diet to follow; how likely is a personto lose significant weight, both in the short and long term; how effective thediet is in preventing cardiovascular disease or diabetes; and the diet'snutritional completeness.

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