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February 3, 2022
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Sleep Expert — This Is The Exact Length YourNap Should Be

A sleep expert has revealed theideal length of a nap and when you should take it during the day.Toprevent oversleeping during the darker months, here are the best tips forfeeling re-energized after an afternoon snooze.

Choose the right time: Nap before 3p.m. if you can 
Napping too late in the day is likely to affect your natural sleep rhythm at night,which is why it’s best to avoid this where possible.Most people will benefitfrom a nap in the late morning or early afternoon, but naturally, this dependson what time you wake up.However, napping at 3 p.m. is better for you thannapping at 7 p.m., but nappers should avoid sleeping too close to bedtime ifthey want to stick to their usual sleep schedule.

The best length of time to nap for is 20 minutesTo avoid the possibility of post-nap grogginess, 20 minutes is the recommendedtime to feel refreshed after a snooze.

For some, 10 minutes might bethe optimal time, but others might find it difficult to fall asleep in thistime.

Theseshort bursts of sleep are often referred to as power naps, which are beneficialbecause they’re likely to have little effect on nighttime sleep.If nappersreally need to get their head down, a 90-minute doze could have a higher impacton productivity and alertness, with this allowing nappers to sleep through anentire cycle without interrupting deep sleep, which is likely to causedrowsiness. 


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