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February 10, 2022
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Health Benefits From Drinking Coffee Every Day

Here are some health benefits of coffee thathave been confirmed in studies.


It may add years to your lifeDrinking coffee lowers the risk of death from a variety ofcommon diseases and conditions. In a study of more than 185,000people, scientists found that all racial groups— had a 12 percent lower incidenceof death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, respiratory problems,or kidney disease when they drank one cup of coffee a day.


Improvement in test performance and alertness — just by its scentSimply the smell of a cup of joe can help you perform better on tests. In onestudy, 100 undergraduate business students were enlisted to take a 10-questionGMAT algebra test. Some students competed their exam in a computer lab thatsmelled of coffee, while the others worked in an unscented room.

The test results showed studentsin the room that reeked of coffee scored markedly higher on their test. 


Activation of calorie-burning ‘brown fat’One cup of coffee can activate “brown fat” in our bodies. Unlike moretraditional white fat, brown fat actually burns calories and promotes weightloss.

It can make your favorite dessert taste sweeterCoffee influences our sense of taste. After a single cup, sweets taste thatmuch sweeter and bitter sensations aren’t as intense. This may explain why darkchocolate doesn’t taste as strong when paired with hot java.


Lowers prostate cancer risksDrinking coffee every day could keep prostate cancer at bay — and even improvechances of survival in patients.

Chinesescientists found that regular coffee drinkers are around 10 percent less likelyto develop prostate cancer.
Cancer is also 12 percent less likely to spread ifpatients are heavy coffee drinkers.

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