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May 25, 2022
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Less TV, Stronger Ticker: Watching Less ThanOne Hour of TV a Day Could Lower Heart Disease Risk


Reducing television viewing to less than one hour a day couldprevent one in nine cases of coronary heart disease.

Researchershave found that too much TV increases the risk of heartdisease — regardless of an individual’s genetic makeup.However,the new study finds 11 percent of coronary heart disease cases could be preventedif people watched less than an hour of TV each day.Coronary heart disease isone of the world’s leading causes of death. One in eight men and one in 15women die from the disease. People with coronary heart disease are twice aslikely to suffer a stroke.One of the major risk factors for coronary heartdisease is a sedentary (or “couch potato”) lifestyle — sitting forlong periods of time rather than being physically active.

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