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June 20, 2022
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Get UP! Sitting 6-8 Hours a Day Linked toIncreased Risk of Early Death


People who spend six to eight hours per daysitting down had a 12 to 13 percent increased risk of both early death and heartdisease. Individuals sitting for more than eight hours per day had a 20 percenthigher risk.

Study authors tracked 100,000 people, living in 21 differentcountries, for an average of 11 years. Along the way, the team found a clearconnection between excessive time spent sitting and heart disease and mortalityrisk.While researchers admit that sitting is a health issue across allcountries, it is especially problematic in low-income and lower-middle-income nations.

The study indicates that risk gradually increases the more oftena person sits. The least active individuals who sat the most displayed thehighest risk levels — up to 50 percent. Conversely, the most activeparticipants enjoyed the lowest risk profiles (17%).In conclusion, researchersstress the importance of staying active and avoiding physical stagnation. Itmay be “healthy living 101,” but that’s because it offers enormous benefits!

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