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January 7, 2022
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Cadillac Debuts InnerSpace Autonomous Two-SeaterConcept Car

Cadillac debuted their InnerSpace autonomous two-seater concept car atthis year's Consumer Electronics Show in a short film.
InnerSpace is designed with a cocoon-like cabin that immersespassengers sitting in a loveseat, who are watching a panoramic screen thatstretches across the front.

The curved display allows passengers to select from Augmented RealityEngagement, Entertainment and Wellness Recovery themes for their drive.
Cadillac said, “New InnerSpace concept reimagines that vision,with a fully autonomous experience that allows two passengers to focus on theirjourney and not driving.”
On the exterior, the InnerSpace features expansive, panoramic glass on theroof and part of the body sides for almost unimpeded views. The roof opens tomake the doors more accessible and the single seat inside separates and pivotsoutward to make it easier for passengers to get in.The Cadillac InnerSpacealso includes the latest technology, including "biometric input and AImachine learning.”
The vehicle is fitted with silent Goodyear tires that feature SoundComforttechnology for a quiet ride.

They did not reveal much else, but it’s targeting the luxury travel marketif and when it launches

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