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July 30, 2020
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Apple Reveals Concept AirPods That ‘Vibrate MusicThrough Your Skull’

Apple is working on a newdevice that would use the bones in your head to vibrate music through yourskull.

A patent filed by Apple shows designs for a headset that relies on boneconduction technology.
The tech enables a device to send vibrations through your jaw and head andstraight to your inner ear, where they are interpreted as sound. Thisis useful in situations where normal headphones just can't cut it.
Benefits of this tech include not having to wear earbuds, but still hearingyour chosen audio. It means you are also free to listen to the environmentaround you at the same time. It's useful for people with damaged ears,noisy environments or situations where air-based sound transmission won't work,such as underwater.
There are some issues with bone conduction though, including the limitedfrequencies it can be used in and it can make a device uncomfortable to wear.

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