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It's good you didn't go...

February 5, 2018
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NFL: Super Bowl: $30 for a Soda, $17 for Draft Beer

Concession stand and parking prices at the Super Bowl were ASTRONOMICAL.   $30 soda? That was the cost of a medium sized “pop” at House Divided on the main concourse an hour before kickoff, the price including a souvenir cup in the shape of a cartoon football player. BEERS topped out at $17 for a cup of draft and $13 for a can of Bud Light, more than the cost of a 12-pack of the same product in a supermarket. If that wasn’t enough of a dent in the wallet, it was possible to add another $7 to the bill by buying a purple koozie. Special team-themed cocktails were going for $35.   A regular hot dog at Prairie Dogs came with a tag of $15, but hey, you did get a dollop of blue cheese piled on, while a side of fries set visitors back an extra $13.

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