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March 19, 2019
Date of Event:

#TrashTag Challenge

A new challenge hasgone viral and this one is prompting people around the world to clean up theirnearby green areas and post before/after photos.

The space in which we live should be for theperson we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past. -

The challenge, started on social media has madeit around the world and encouraged people to get outside and help to clean upthe environment. The trashtag challenge is an effort to clean up litter andtrash on beaches, roadsides, parks, etc.


Unlike some of the other more recent challenges,this one makes people feel good about themselves and the environment aroundthem and helps to clean up spaces for others. As thousands of people gooutdoors to help clear trash and litter, they help people focus on taking careof their community for future generations and others.

The challenge is thought to have been started bythe outdoor gear company UCO Gear in 2015 but since then fell off inpopularity. Recently, a post by Byron Román on Facebook reignited the challengeas he encouraged bored youth to get outside and clean up their community.

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