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September 21, 2018
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Little Things You Can Do Every Day TO EXPRESS Your Love .

There are a million little things you can do and say I LOVEYOU every single day of the week.   Here are just a few.

1. Never go to bed without kissing goodnight. 

2. Take a chore off the other’s plate. 

3. Surprise them with a meal they adore. 

4. Tell them what a great dad/mom you think he is. 

5. Thank them for doing something thoughtful. 

6. Run your hand through their hair on your way through the living room.

7. Ask about their day.

8. Go for a walk, just the two of you, after dinner.

9. Tell them that they makeyour world complete

10. Share photos of your happy times together on socialmedia. 

11. Leave them a note thanking them.


12. Massages and back rubs for no reason atall. 

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