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April 3, 2023
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The Centers for Disease Control andPrevention warned consumers to stop eating raw cookie dough after a nationalsalmonella outbreak hospitalized three people.

The agency’sreport explained that raw, or unbaked, flour used tomake baked goods such as cookies could be contaminated with salmonella germs,a type of bacteria that causes foodborne illness and leads to the patientexperiencing fever, chills, vomiting, cramps and an upset stomach.

When the flouris cooked or baked in an oven, the germs are killed by the high temperatures —but consuming uncooked dough could result in food poisoning in both childrenand adults.

The Mayo Clinic notes that eggs, also typically found in cookie dough, can be contaminatedwith bacteria, as can various raw meats and seafood, fruits, vegetables andunpasteurized dairy products.

The current outbreak hascaused 12 reported illnesses across 11 states as officials attempt to find thesource of the contamination.

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