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October 21, 2019
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A Great Husband Will Do These 4 Things (Without BeingAsked)

Here are 4 pieces of marriage advice that a good husband will do withoutbeing asked.

1. He listens.
For God's sake, listen up. Stop trying to crowbar your beliefs and opinionsinto every square inch of your love affair. 

Listening isn't something you need time to prepare yourself to do. Yousimply need to train your impetuous mind to stop on the dime when you recognizeshe needs you to hear her. Right now. And then doing it.

2. He helps out around the house.
Laundry. Cooking. Dishes. Packing lunches for the kids. Grocery shopping.Paying the bills online. The list goes on and on for stuff that so many menhave somehow weaseled their way out of over the past trillion years solelybased on the flimsy notion that "This is a woman's job."

Don't perpetuate that myth another second.  

3. He's the best dad to his children.
Being a father is one thing. Being a dad is so much more. 

Your heart. Your soul. Your endless, boundless love for your child. Your desire(not your "trying to pitch in' BS"), but your desire to changediapers from the moment your baby is born until they use the potty. Actionsmake the daddy. Love makes the child. 

4. He doesn't project his insecurities.
Men have this almost surreal way of covering up all of the stuff that bugs themabout themselves. Financial stress, wishing for more, fears, desires, sexualfrustration — you name it, men are probably experiencing it. Yet, manyguys bury everything. Because they feel like they have to. Women do,too, by the way. But that's a different article. 

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