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May 27, 2020
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'DO NOT click the link'; Police warn of scam COVID-19 text messages

THOMASTON, Me. (WSET) -- Police are warning cell phone users ofa new text message scam during the coronavirus pandemic.TheThomaston Police Department in Maine posted on Facebook a photo of the alertbeing sent to people in a text message.The message was sent to someone in Mainefrom an Indiana area code telling them they need to self-isolate because theycame in contact with someone who tested positive or has shown symptoms forcoronavirus.The alert also tells you to get tested.

"If you receive a text message like the one pictured, DONOT click the link!"police wrote on Facebook. "It is not a messagefrom any official agency. It is however a gateway for bad actors to find theirway into your world."Police said it could be a phishing scam to get yourpersonal information.

"Thevirus is not the only invisible enemy," police said. "Be vigilantagainst all threats

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