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September 1, 2020
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you might be unknowingly using TOXIC products ...nojoke!


The FDA issued major warnings about more than 75brands of hand sanitizer sold throughout the U.S. If you have them, they adviseyou immediately STOP using them.

When absorbed through the skin (like when rubbing onyour hands), nose, or mouth, methanol can cause serious illness, blindness, andeven death.

The worst part is that methanol looks, feels, andsmells like ethyl alcohol, so it’s impossible to know if your bottle issafe. And now, the FDA is putting out warnings about a second problem:hand sanitizers that don’t contain enough alcohol to kill germseffectively. 



So what should you do?


The FDA is hard at work adding dangerous hand sanitizersto their warning list as they find them. But the problem is there are just SOmany.


Here are a few brands to definitely avoid...


• GelBact

• LumiSkin

• TriCleanz

• Mystic Shield

• All-Clean

• Lavar

• Cosmeticas

• Wave Hand

• Cleaner Hand 

• Handzer

• Urbane Bath & Body 

• The Good Gel

• Agavespa Skincare

• NeoNatural

• Assured

• Broncolin's Herbacil 

• Blumen

• Honeykeeper

• Klar and Danver


• Bio Advance

• Hello Kitty

• Lux Eoi

• Born Basic


This is just a small fraction of the growing list. You can find the most up-to-date list on the FDA website.But to’s pretty overwhelming trying to navigate the current list of over165 brands.

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