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February 19, 2021
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A writer shared her tips for keeping as warm as possible when you've got noheat, no electricity, and perhaps no water.
Her Twitter thread has gone viral, with other concerned citizens jumping into the thread with their own suggestions.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Stick     to one "warm room" in the house where you can all huddle     together. If possible, pick a room on the top floor of your home, as heat     rises. Shove towels under the door, tape door frames, and cover windows     with towels and blankets to insulate.
  • Uncover     those windows during the day if the sun is bright. Sit in the sunlight     wearing dark-covered clothes.
  • Slice     pool noodles in half lengthwise, wrap them in fabric, and shove them under     doors to contain drafts.
  • Make     sure your head and feet are kept warm. Wear a hat and mittens, and cram     your hands into your armpits if you have to.
  • "Pantyhose     are a godsend for layering.” Wear a pair under loose sweatpants.
  • Speaking     of layers: Wear wool, flannel, fleece, and silk, with moisture-wicking     fabrics used as your innermost layer. Avoid cotton, which soaks up     moisture.
  • Keep     an eye on pets: They can get frostbite on their paws while outside.
  • Set     all your faucets to let out a "teeny, tiny drip" to keep water     slowly flowing and pipes from freezing.
  • Finally,     "DO NOT: bring a generator inside. ever. EVER," either in the     house or the garage.

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