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February 7, 2022
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ATTN: Germaphobes: Paper Towels Are 10 TIMESBetter Than Air Dryers After Washing Hands

Washingyour hands regularly is a key way to stop the spread of germs. Whenit comes to how you dry your hands, newresearch says that step can be just as important to your health.

The study looked at howeffective paper towels and air hand dryers were at removing viruses still on aperson’s hands after washing.

Although both methods helpcut the spread of viruses, paper towels were found to be 10times more effective at keeping one’s hands from contaminating other surfacesthan a dryer.

** The study also tracked the viruses each volunteer spread on their clothesusing a specialized apron. The team found that the contamination after using anair dryer was much worse on 10 of the 11 surfaces.

**The researchers warn that their findings are especially important because ofthe shift away from paper products in many public facilities around the world.As health officials work to stop the spread of COVID-19, the study insists theanswer is paper.

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