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June 29, 2022
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Tips on Watering Wisely

·        Waterdeeply, less often.  Water must go way down to theroots! Soak your garden thoroughly when the soil is dry; this encourages astrong, deep root system that grows down in search of water and nutrients.Sprinkling or lightly watering daily will result in a shallow root system; theywill become stressed if they don't get their frequent drink of water and won'tbe resilient with changing weather.

·        Avoidmid-day watering to discourage evaporation. It's best to water in themorning. (In drought areas, avoid watering between 10 A.M. and 8 P.M.) If youuse a sprinkler, water in the morning so that the foliage will dry early andquickly to minimize disease risk. 

·        Trap water. Plant into natural depressionswhere water pools. Or build up soil around plants to capture water. Anotheridea is to build up small berms to create miniature reservoirs that holdthe water in place so it has a chance to soak into the soil and avoids run-off.


·        Look for"indicator" plants. Droopy plant leaves are an easycue that it's time to water. (The first crops to wilt are usually squashor cucumber.)

·        Water at the plants' roots, not from above! Avoidwetting plant leaves! Aim water at the base of your plants. Keepingfoliage dry has the added benefit of reducing disease problems. 

·        Weed! Unwantedplants in your vegetable bed is simply competition for soil moisture, so keepon top of them. Annual weeds can just be hoed off and left on the soil surface,but take the time to dig out the roots of more pernicious perennials such asbindweed or ground elder.

·        Protectplants from water loss by using shade clothes in hotweather and protecting plants from wind with windbreaks. Use taller crops suchas corn to also cast shade and protect smaller plants. Sprawling vines alsoprotect the soil.

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