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April 20, 2022
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Man Awarded $450K After Unwanted OfficeBirthday Party


A Kentucky man's former employer will have topay him $450,000 after throwing him an unwanted birthday party-- and thenfiring him when it wasn't well received by him.

The man accused the company of disabilitydiscrimination and retaliation, and a jury agreed with him.

The man informed the office manager that, dueto his anxiety disorder, he would likely have a panic attack if an office partywas thrown for him. Herequested that the office's birthday ritual not be applied to him. Buton August 7th, a birthday party was reportedly held in the lunchroom.

The employee said helearned about the party as he was about to take his lunch break andsubsequently had a panic attack. He left the office and sat in his car for theduration of his lunch break.

The next day the employee was made to attenda meeting in which he was "confronted and criticized" about hisreaction to the party. He said the conversation triggered another panic attack,.

The man was sent home for two days and thenfired, with the company citing "the events of the previous week.”

The company argued that they believed he was on the verge ofbecoming violent.

The man was awarded$300,000 for emotional distress and $150,000 for lost wages and benefits.

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