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March 10, 2020
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The ‘Monday Effect’… it’s Real

Researchers say the“Monday effect” is real and even the warehouse workers at Amazonsuffer from it. It’s the tendency for workers to be a bit slower to getthings done after the weekend.
Researchers believe the Monday effect leads to a longer waiting period betweenan order being placed and subsequently shipped, as well as possible errors.

Data on over 800,000 transactions over the course of a year was analyzed forthe study. 

The research revealed that 
not only is the Monday effect very muchreal, it’s quite widespread and significant. For instance, it takes anaverage of 9.68% longer to receive an order placed on Monday than otherweekdays. Over the weekend, all those Saturday and Sunday orders pileup in the warehouse queues, leading to a logjam come Monday morning.
The researchers also noted that bringing in some robotic automation would cleanup the effect of Mondays by roughly 90%.

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