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August 27, 2020
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Average American Spends Over $11K on Toilet Paper Overa LifetimeThe average American willspend a staggering $11,198 on toilet paper over the course of their life.
2,000 Americans were polled on their single-use household item spendinghabits. On average, respondents spend $182 annually on toilet paper.
The Average adult will use 159 rolls of toilet paper, 145 rolls of papertowels, and 118 disposable razors during a full calendar year. 69%often feel guilty about all the disposable paper products they use.
Another 66% would like to be more sustainable, but say they just can’t affordit right now.Besides the $11K estimate for toilet paper, the survey also puttogether lifetime spending averages for a number of other disposable products.Accordingto these calculations, the average adult will spend $10,518.82 in theirlife on paper towels, $9,469.15 on hygienic wipes, $9,454.37 on tissues, and$9,402.62 on plastic bags.
Additionally, $8,619.07 will be spent on paper plates, $8,537.76 on disposablerazors, and $8,005.54 on plastic utensils.

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