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November 12, 2021
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Cranberry Sauce Is Most Disliked Thanksgiving Day Dish

According to a new survey of “most disliked food,” cranberry sauce topsthe list.
 Conducted by the travel website, The Vacationer, data shows that 30% of1,092 adults surveyed opt to pass on the seasonal, fruit-based accompaniment.
Surprisingly, the second-most disliked food is the big bird. Yes,28.09% doesn’t want turkey. The site estimates the figure equates to morethan 72 million people and reported that American adults between the agesof 18 and 29 are twice as likely to dislike turkey than Americans over60.
The popular poultry of the particular holiday is followed by sweetpotatoes, green bean casserole and stuffing (or dressing –as it isknown in some regions).

1. Cranberry Sauce (29.92% dislike)

2. Turkey (28.09% dislike)

3. Sweet Potatoes or Yams (24.25% dislike)

4. Green Bean Casserole (24.61% dislike)

5. Stuffing or Dressing (23.42% dislike)

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