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December 1, 2021
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How Much Does Mariah Carey Make from 'All I Want ForChristmas is You’?

You will likely hear MariahCarey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" dozens of times beforeChristmas. As its popularity spikesagain this year, many may be wondering how much money Mariah makes fromthe song, which came out in 1994.
When it comes to the question of how much Carey actually makes every year fromjust the one track, it’s hard to answer with a solid figure. However,that doesn’t mean there aren’t some concrete numbers out there to givefans a guess.

Celebrity Net Worth calculated that Carey gets somewhere between $600,000and $1 million each December when the song’s popularity shoots up.
Streaming has opened up a whole new revenue stream for Mariah’s Christmasclassic. Billboard noted in November 2021 that the track already had11.2 million U.S. streams.

Apple says that it pays an average play rate of $0.01, while Spotify saysartists are paid up to two-thirds of every dollar they make from musicstreaming. If Mariah’s current streaming rates continue, estimatesindicate that she could be making close to $2 million from streaming it everyyear.

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