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March 11, 2022
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Americans Say They’ll Drive Less, CarpoolMore to Save Money as Gas Prices Surge


Many Americans said they would cut back on their driving orconsider carpooling as gas prices skyrocket.According to survey fromAAA,59% of American drivers said they considered $4 per gallon as the point atwhich they would begin altering their plans to save cash.The national average price per gallon is currently a record $4.31.

Even more people — roughly three-quarters of the 1,051 US adultssurveyed — said they’d change their driving habits if prices hit $5 per gallon.Analysts say prices could pass that threshold by a significant amount if theRussia-Ukraine war escalates.

In terms ofspecific lifestyle changes, 80% of respondents said they would drive less asprices rose. Some 53% of adults age 35 and over said they would cut back ondinner and shopping trips, compared to 43% of adults ages 18-34.Meanwhile, theyounger age group is much more likely to consider carpooling duringtheir trips to save on costs — with 29% saying they were willing to do socompared to just 11% of those age 35 and over.
Still, AAA’s survey found the high prices were unlikely to stop Americans fromtaking their usual summer vacations. More than half (52%) of respondents saidthey were still planning to take trips, and 42% said the gas prices would haveno impact on their plans.

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