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May 10, 2022
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 Man Makes a Nice Living as ProfessionalLine-Stander


A man in New York City waits in line so others don’t have to.

He does thisin all weather, at all hours, whatever it takes, and whatever you need:tickets, iPhones, or even food.

The manstarted his living as a professional line-stander in2015 when Lin-Manuel Miranda announced that he was stepping away from “Hamilton”.

While onlineresale tickets soared to $15,000, he learned that a few tickets were sold atface value and released at the box office on the morning of the show. Hecharged $5,000 and waited for up to 5 days, but it was still a bargain for hisclients.

The man pulledin about $80,000 a year before the pandemic, which shut down Broadway and othermajor events.

He adapted andstarted waiting in line for COVID-19 tests. 

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