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September 21, 2022
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Fly Vomit on Your Food “Far Greater Risk toHealth” Than Realized


Common houseflies are more of a threat than most people realize.

Scientistswarn that “synanthropic” flies, non-biting flies typically seen livingbeside humans, could be carrying diseases in their vomit.

When an insectbites a human, it can potentially spread diseases by transferring infectedblood. Surprisingly, however, non-biting flies vomit appears to be a fargreater risk to human health.Over the course of a typical day, a houseflybuzzes around your home, helping itself to various readily available foods.These food sources often include roadkill, animal dung, rotting garbage, andthe sewer. Whenever a housefly feeds, it fills its crop.

A fly will make its wayinto your home and lands on a sandwich you’re making in the kitchen. Beforethe fly actually eats some of your food, it vomits up a portion of what’sleft in its crop onto your food. Even worse, the research teamnotes a fly’s crop is known to promote the development of antibacterialresistance, meaning what gets regurgitated onto your food may even be resistantto conventional treatments or drugs.

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