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December 20, 2022
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Adults are Buying Toys for Themselves andit’s the Biggest Source of Growth for the Industry


“Kidults" seem to be keeping the toy industry afloat right now.

These kidsat heart are responsible for one-fourth of all toy sales annually, around $9billion worth, and are the ones who drive the growththroughout the industry.

Kidults havebeen steadily contributing to the industry for years.

Kidults, whotend to spend more on toys, have a great fondness for cartoons,superheroes and collectibles that remind them of their childhood.They buy merchandise such as action figures, Lego sets and dolls that mighttypically be considered "for kids."

However, in recent years, toy makers have created product linesjust for kidults realizing that demand is high for this generation of adultswho still want to have fun.

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