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January 18, 2022
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'Some People' Spruce Up Their Homes With ChristmasTrees Year-Round
Some people are leaving up their Christmas tree all year long.

The trees are decorated for all occasions — Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day,Easter and Halloween.

Example:  Two Prince George, B.C., women are doing just that.
Carol Jensen has given her Christmas tree new life by leaving it up year-roundand decorating it to suit the season. This past weekend she decided to stringhearts and symbols of love around the tree, which sits near her front door forall who stop by to see. 
Vanessa Hamilton has taken a different approach. Rather than decorating onetree, she has several that she's spruced up with spray paint to match eachcelebration: pink and white trees for Easter, a black one for Halloween andmultiple trees for Christmas. 
She's been putting the seasonal trees up since about 2015.

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