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Today's Do Gooder File:

January 11, 2018
Date of Event:
Thursday, January 11, 2018
Friday, January 11, 2019

Stranger Donates Car To Woman, Inspires Random Acts Of Kindness

  A Washington state woman who was given a car by a stranger has helped inspire random acts of kindness.

A donor found out the woman is suffering from heart failure, and her van is basically falling apart.  Suddenly, the woman received a 2003 Toyota Corolla-- and while it’s not a brand new car, it allows her to run errands and get to doctor’s appointments.

The woman who received the car runs a food drive out of her home around the holiday. She said people usually donate enough food to fill 11 boxes, but this past year they had enough to fill 70.

She has also started a Facebook group called “Random Acts Of Kindness” where people can post the good things that happen to them.

The woman who donated the car doesn’t want her name to be released.

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