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April 29, 2022
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(Cool, or Creepy?)... Metaverse KISSING NowPossible With Tech That ‘Sends Sensations to Mouth, Lips and TONGUE’


Metaverse users could soon have the power to lunge in fora kiss thanks to new tech.

Scientists have created a device that brings a feeling sensation to the mouth, lips and tongue.

They pulled it off by adding a load of special ultrasonictransducers to a VR headset.

At the moment, the metaverse and VR is largely focussed on 360visuals, sound and hand controls.

Although experts don't show how it could be used to kiss, theydemonstrate the technology being used in various scenarios, such as a hauntedadventure game with spiders.

Testers felt sensations on their lips as they walked throughwebs, creepy crawlers jumped up at their face, and even a sensory feeling fromexploding spiders when you shoot them.

Other use cases mimic the sensation from drinking at a waterfountain, sipping a coffee, brushing your teeth and even smoking a cigarette.

The tech is capable of simulating swipes and vibrations in andaround your mouth that you would associate with each activity.

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