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July 5, 2022
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Lifeguard'Playing Victim' Forced to Fight Off Real Shark After He’s Bitten DuringTraining Exercise

 ALong Island lifeguard was playing a victim in an ocean training exercise Sundaywhen he was attacked by a shark — and fought off the beast with his bare hands.

Smith Point Beach lifeguard Zack Gallo was bitten in the chestand right hand during his terrifying encounter with the 4- to 5-foot-longshark.

A county officials said, “Hewas playing the role of a victim, and in the midst of that, actually became avictim when this shark bite occurred.."

The lifeguard said he fought off the shark by “punching down” onit.Other guards already in the water for the exercise rushed to help Gallo, whowas “bleeding significantly,” but the victim was miraculously able to walk outof the water unassisted.
The injured lifeguard was then bandaged and taken to a local hospital.

The beach was closed after the attack.Authorities had a droneout monitoring the water later and saw a shark, but, they "don’t know ifit was the same shark or not.’’

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