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February 2, 2023
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(Cool, or Creepy?)... You’ll Soon Be Able to‘Talk to Dead Relatives in the Metaverse’


Soon, you'll be able to talk to the digital likeness of a deadloved one.
If you save your voice,movement patterns, and personality traits onto a Live Forever mode, an AIchatbot will allow your surviving relatives to have a conversation with you inthe metaverse after your death.Metaverse creators Somnium Spaceclaims this project is aimed at allowing grieving humans to engage with theirloved ones in a realistic way after they die.They aren't perfected yet, but therobots do have a sort of short-term memory.

** In order for them to learn well enough to render a conversation with a deadrelative, the data recordings have to be properly stored, a process that thecreators have not yet figured out.You'll be able to alter the personality to besweet or salty.In the near future, people will be able to speak a question tothe bots, say, to complete a task, and they will hop to it, no digital requestnecessary.Expect to see this command on the metaverse in the next two years,"maybe it's even faster.”

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