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October 27, 2020
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Oreo Builds Asteroid-Proof Bunker to Fill with Cookiesand Powered Milk

The makers of Oreos have ensured that the popular snack will live past any possible asteroid strikes.
Oreo says they were inspired by the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway. Accordingto the seed vault’s website, it is a storage facility for various seeds that has been designed and built to withstand both natural and man made disasters. It is located above the permafrost line, placing it in the ArcticCircle.
The vault was also created specifically in regards to Asteroid 2018VP1,which has a slight chance of hitting Earth’s atmosphere on November 2nd. Whileit’s unlikely that the asteroid would even survive entering the atmosphere,Oreo apparently isn’t taking any chances.

In the vault, each cookie pack is wrapped in protective Mylar which can keep the Oreos safe from temperatures of -80°F to 300°F.
The Oreo vault also contains vials of powdered milk, which reportedly only need to have powdered snow added before being ready to have Oreos dunked in it.

Oreo shared the coordinate of the vault, but there is a coded lock on the door,ensuring the contents are saved for an apocalyptic event.


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