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March 16, 2022
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Cricket Juice May Be Healthier Than OrangeJuice, As Insects Are Loaded With Antioxidants


A new study(out of Italy) has found one more reason to consider eating insects;certain types are absolutely packed with antioxidants.

Of the edibleinsects analyzed, grasshoppers, silkworms and cricketsdisplayed the highest levels of antioxidants — almost fivetimes more than fresh orange juice! It’s worth noting here that all of thoseinsects are vegetarians.

Now, theseinsects were analyzed in the form of a fat-free dust. But researchers say thateven if the dust was diluted 88% in water, it would still boast about 75% ofthe antioxidant qualities of orange juice.

Additionally, fattaken from giant cicadas and silkworms displayed twice the antioxidant levelsof olive oil.

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