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March 14, 2018
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Blind Taste Test: Toilet Water Tastes Just as Good as Bottled Water

According to a new study, which included blind taste-testing, toilet water is just as tasty as bottled water. In the first ever 'blind' test of 'toilet to tap' water, volunteers even admitted they preferred it to drinking tap water. Scientists at the University of California said said recycled toilet water is safe to drink because it contains no harmful components. Apparently, they are all flushed out before it enters the drinking supply.  Researchers placed toilet water, tap water, and commercially bottled water in three identical cups that weren't labeled. 143 people took the taste test and were asked to rank the taste of each on a scale of one to five. Some were surprised when tap water emerged as their least preferred option. Toilet water and bottled water were equally as good.

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