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Weird and Wild News file:

February 19, 2018
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(Finally!)... A Non-Slip Soap That WON'T Fly Out Of Your Hands When You Are In The Shower

An inventor has come up with non-slip bar of soap.   The Tetra Soap is crafted in a way which would make it almost impossible to drop.  Designer Mike Mak says the design is based the structure on concrete slabs called tetrapods. The Tetrapod was created in France in 1950 as a breakwater barrier to stop erosion and water damage.  Instead of the typical brick-like bar of soap, the Tetra soap stands on three pivot points which makes it easier to hold. The quirky shape also reduces the area which the bar rests on, meaning it can dry quicker after use. A silicone mold is used for each bar and is then cooled down, mixing fixed oils with an alkali, which produces a longer lasting bar. It takes a month for each bar to 'cure' in the molds and they are then monitored and finished by hand. When used, the shape of the soap is maintained. Among the ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, organic citrus bioflavonoids, tea tree and sandalwood oil and myrrh, all of which do not upset the pH balance of the skin. The bar is available to buy from the company's website

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