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October 14, 2019
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Man Living Double Life as a Dentist and a ChampionWrestler
A Florida man leads a double life.

By day, Dr. Jimmy McDowell runs his dental office (inTequesta).

But by night, he runs circles around his opponents in the wrestlingring.
The 58-year-old has juggled this double life for years and is proving that youcan do anything your heart desires.
“You can have your dreams fulfilled at any age,” he said.

His double passions started when he was a young child growing up in Arkansas--he knew he wanted to be a dentist.
But that’s the same time wrestling caught his attention, with his family takinghim to local matches.
He trained in wrestling through college but chose the path to dental school.

It wasn’t until he opened his dentist practice in Florida - one of thehottest markets for wresting - that he realized couldn't resist...
His "patients were wrestlers" and talked him into doing it.
After years in the ring and earning his nickname, he recently won his highesthonor: A heavyweight champion belt from the Allied Independent WrestlingFederations.

Now, he’s getting challenges from across the country and world.

He hopes to show others that life, is exactly what you make it.
"Whatever your ultimate goal or dream is, you can still live ittoday."

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