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August 31, 2020
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An Ohio woodworker's latest creation: A barthat caters to neighborhood squirrels.

The 35-year-old hobbyist has been creating art and householditems from wood for most of his life. This time, his fun twist on a squirrelfeeder has made him Internet famous.

"TheNutty Bar," which is attached to his backyard fence, looks just like areal bar, and even has a range of nuts on tap.
Luckysquirrels who find their way to the bar get to choose from seven different nutsnamed after beers: CashewDunkel, Peanut Pilsner, Almond Ale, Walnut Stout, Sunflower Saison, PecanPorter and Pistachio Pale Ale.
His favorite part of the bar is its quirkybathroom sign: "Nuts" and "No Nuts."After posting a video on YouTube showing thebuild process, the guy said he was"overwhelmed" with comments and requests to purchase the bar.He immediately applied for a design patent andis now planning to launch a business to sell The Nutty Bar for about $175 -$200.

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