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October 29, 2020
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If you say 'canceled clown' 3 times in Burger King restrooms inSweden, the lights dim and Ronald McDonald appears in the mirror

BurgerKing installed voice-recognition software in the restrooms of selectrestaurants in Sweden and Denmark.

·        Ifit detects the phrase "canceled clown" repeated three times, it dimsthe lights and causes a vision of McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald to appearin the mirror.

·        The Halloween campaign, which plays on the "Bloody Mary" urban legend, isone of many instances of marketing in which Burger King has featured its fast-food rival.

If you say "canceled clown" three times in front of the mirror in certain Burger King restroomsin Scandinavia, the lights will dim and a vision of Ronald McDonald will appear.

The nightmarish stunt is part of the fast-food chain'sHalloween campaign in Sweden and Denmark, made possible by new voice-recognition software.

The software, installed by a Swedish agency named INGO Stockholm, is trained to listen for the phrase "canceled clown." If it hears it three times, it dims the lights, makes a noise, and plays visual effects on a screen behind the two-way "smart mirror."

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