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January 5, 2021
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There is now a hotline for people to just scream and hang up


Doyou ever get the sudden urge to scream? Well, now there is a hotline where youcan do exactly that.

I do not need to express how rough this year has been, lockdowns and restrictions haveleft many of us feeling isolated and trapped in limbo. However, there is nodenying that a simple scream can be the best outlet for all frustrations.A newhotline, Just Scream, is now helping make this happen.The phone isn’t manned by anyone: all you have to do is call +1-561-567-8431,wait for the beep, scream, and hang up.And to add the cherry on top of thisscrumptious scream sandwich, all screams are recorded and uploaded to their website everyday, so you can wallow in the cries of strangers from all around the world.Honestly, I have never laughed harder.

This incredible scream hotline was created by teacher, occasionalartist, and introvert Chris Gollmar. Just Scream encourages users toparticipate “in public, except not perhaps in a crowded theatre”. Youcan also send a text to this miraculous scream void and you will receive a “friendlytext back”, according to Gollmar.So whether the duct tape holdingyour Converse shoes together has broken, you keep losing your Opal card(seriously I’m on Opal card number 6 this year), or you’re just downright fedup with this shitty year, be sure to call +1-561-567-8431 and have your screamsheard in the bountiful void of this strange, but very needed hotline.

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