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November 15, 2021
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People Share the Jobs They Had No Idea Existed

People are sharing the jobsthey've done that people don't even know exist:

1. "I used to put timestamps on Netflix videos for the 'SkipIntro' button. I would wake up, log on to a special page, and have alist of videos/shows to timestamp. I was paid for eight hours of work a day,and most days I could breeze through my daily workload in two to threehours."

2. "Have you ever sung 
karaoke? Well, not many peoplerealize that somebody has to match those lyrics to the song and properly timetheir appearance. That was my job. There's an art to it. I took it veryseriously.”

3. "I once worked for a 
newborn photography agency as a'Bereavement Coordinator.' Essentially, my job was to sort through hospitalphotos of babies that were either miscarried or stillbirths, who died in thehospital. I'd choose the best photos and do some light corrections,get them printed, and create a memorial packet for the parents that was thensent to the hospital's bereavement program for any parent who wanted thephotos.”

. "I compose music and design sound effects for slot machines. Ilive in Vegas, but still, few people outside of the slot industry know my jobexists. Makes for a bit of interesting conversation.”

"I'm a prop shopper for a popular TV show. Basically,I show up, the designer tells me what specific prop the show needs for thetaping, and it's my job to go buy or rent it. It's fun because they ask you toget ridiculous stuff sometimes and it's a challenge to find it.”

 "The department of Weight and Measures. They check to make suregas stations are accurate, e.g. they actually pump one gallon of gaswhen the pump displays that a gallon has been pumped.”

7. "I graphic 
design coupons onto the back of receipts.”

"Instructing at a mermaid school. I teach classes wherepeople learn how to swim and do tricks with a mermaid tail on. We also hostbirthday parties and bachelorette parties. The real fun part is modeling as amermaid for promotional photos/videos.”

 "Making clothes for Barbies. My mom did this as atextile engineer for Mattel. When she retired from the job, they gave her a miniatureBarbie that was made to look like exactly like her. The doll has clothes my momwould wear and a whole office cubicle with miniature pictures of my family onher desk. It's pretty cool.”

"Building hiking trails. A lot of people assumethey're just naturally formed or something, but that's the goal of a good trailbuilder.”

 "I get paid to be a live mannequin. No, not a modelthat poses in pictures, gets her makeup done, and gets put in magazines — Iwork behind the scenes, in the warehouse. Designers for huge chain stores willuse my frame to show outfits to the CEO of a company who approves or rejectsthe looks. Clothing on a mannequin looks totally different on a realperson."

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