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February 16, 2022
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Kayaker Finds Message in a Bottle Containing Man's Ashes. A Florida kayaker said he picked up a bottle that contained a man'sremains.Jeff Zimmerman of Cape Coral said he and some friends were kayakingon Sunday in Four Mile Cove when he spotted the object in the water.
The floating bottle entangled with a "Happy Birthday" balloon contained a written message andsomeone's ashes.The author of the message inside the bottle wrote that the asheswere the cremains of a deceased brother whose birthday would have been Feb. 5.Themessage read, "If you receive this bottle, please throw him back in the water."Zimmerman saidhe decided not to immediately throw the bottle back into the water because itwas poorly sealed and starting to leak.The kayaker said he is now hoping to getin touch with the deceased man's family to help them find a more permanentvessel for their beloved relative's remains.

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